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This Zoo receives and rehabilitates injured wild animals and animals saved from trafficking. Most of the species cannot return to their natural environment, so the zoo has become their home.
Guide tours, take care of animals, and maintenance of the zoo are some of the activities you could do.

• Animal Project
• We seek: enthusiastic volunteers with an interest in animal care
• Spanish level required: Basic (level A2)
• Minimum time: 4 weeks
• Other Requirements: Physical Fitness
• Location: 20 minutes from the center of Cuenca
• Responsibilities: As a volunteer, you can help take care of the animals, maintain infrastructure, guide tourists, translate texts and signs for visitors, and take care of the vegetation planting the areas.
• Working days: Monday / Friday, throughout the year.

Project description
The project aims to contribute to the conservation of nature and promote awareness of biodiversity. The zoo receives visitors of local people, schoolchildren, students and tourists. Research at the zoo and a breeding program of endangered species is also performed.

These are the activities:
•Take care of the animals
•Maintenance of infrastructure
•Guide for tourists
•Translating texts and signs for visitors
•Take care of plants and vegetation
•Plant the area

How can you help?
You can participate in different types of work on this project. A priority is working on animal feeding and maintaining your home. You can help in the care of plants and planting new plants in gardens and animal habitats. In addition, to maintain the infrastructure of the zoo. You can also help in translating texts for signs and visitors.

This project just requires a $50 administrative fee once. Additionally, we suggest you to do voluntary contribution for this organization.

Volunteer options

  • All
  • Amazonia
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Cuenca
  • Disabled
  • Elderly
  • Environmental
  • Galapagos
  • Health
  • Orphanage
  • Quito
  • Teach

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