MontañitaEnjoy the Top Surf Destination in Ecuador

Learning how to dance Salsa, Bachata and Merengue is a must-do when you are visiting Latin America. Get the full cultural immersion.

Have the greatest time at Montañita Spanish School studying Spanish and having dance lessons in the afternoon. Later on, when the sun goes down, you will be able to show your moves in the nice clubs and party sites that can be found all around the fun town of Montañita. By learning how to dance the many rhythms that people from Latin American enjoy, you can get the full cultural experience while you get to feel the real Latin beat.

Montañita Spanish & Latin Rhythms prices and details

  • Montañita Spanish & Latin Rhythms prices
  • What is included
  • Certificates
  • Holidays
  • Group lessons
  • Airport pickup Montañita

  1. Introductory info pack
  2. Spanish certificate in AGS
  3. Access to videos and documentaries in Spanish
  4. Extracurricular activities: Tropical dance classes, Ecuadorian cooking classes, sports, movies, etc.
  5. Affordable trips and excursions
  6. Information and travel consultancy service for Ecuador and South America (assistance with reservations, confirmations and more)
  7. Coffee, purified water and natural tea

Participants will be able to choose a program with a minimum duration of one week, after that every student can ask for a certificate of participation in the program specifying the level that the student has reached during their program. Students can also ask for an evaluation exam to receive a certificate of the level they have achieved.

The school has established six Spanish levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2

• Beginner (60 hours)
• Basic (60 hours)
• Intermediate A (60 hours) and B (60 hours)
• Advanced (80 hours)
• Superior (80 hours)

These hours are an average and, they can change depending on the type of lesson that the student chooses (individual or group lessons) and their skills.
Each lesson hour has duration of 55 minutes and they take place from Monday to Friday.

All group courses start on Monday; students may begin their classes any Monday or Tuesday. However if they begin on Tuesday, that Monday is not recoverable.

The school has its own material in combination with international Spanish text books and other materials (e.g. newspapers, songs, literature, cassettes / cds, videos and grammar exercises) including the use of videos and other audio-visual materials. In the case of tailored programs for professionals (e.g. Medical Spanish) the school uses specialized books and material. The school will lend you the academic books (a deposit is necessary and it is returned at the end of the course / payable in Montañita US $36)

After a placement test, and based upon availability, students will be accommodated in one of six levels.

The groups have a maximum of six students per class ensuring each student is given plenty of attention and learning needs catered for.

*If the minimum number of students in your ability group is not reached, your lessons will be replaced with 16 hours of private lessons.

Montañita accommodation prices and options

  • Accommodation prices Montañita
  • Shared Mini Dorm
  • Private Cabanas
  • Private Large Cabaña with kitchen
  • Homestay

This is the perfect option for those looking to for high quality accommodation on a budget. Keeping true to the rustic look of Montañita, our dorm rooms are all large and spacious allowing you to soak up the peaceful ambiance while saving those hard earned dollars. With the options of either 6 bed or 4 bed dorms you will not have problem maintaining some personal privacy.

Just outside the door of your shared dorms you will find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, large communal kitchen and a large sitting area with TV and DVDs.

Staying true to the Rustic look of Montañita, these cabanas were constructed with the environment in mind. With bamboo construction and thatched roofs you will really feel like you are on holiday. Each cabana is furnished with a private bathroom, and are the perfect option for a couple or friends travelling together (Matrimonial and separate beds available)

Just outside the door of your Cabana you will find a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, large communal kitchen and a large sitting area with TV and DVD.

We have two cabañas that are a little larger than the rest and are equipped with a small kitchen. These tastefully decorated rooms are the cream of the crop and are perfect for a couple wishing to do their own cooking in private.

Just outside the door of your Cabana you will find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, large communal kitchen and a large sitting area with TV and DVDs.

Your Ecuadorian host family gives you the opportunity to be fully immersed in the Ecuadorian lifestyle. While settling in and learning a new language can be hard when you arrive in a foreign country, having the support of a local family and a connection to the local community can make all the difference.

AGS Promotions

  • Quito + Amazon School
  • Culture program
  • Student´s apartment
  • Galapagos tours
  • Amazon tours

Special discount price!

Special price program package

10% off  when you choose a 3-4 weeks combined program with Quito and the Amazon branch.

Now the Amazon school is at your reach!

Special discount price!

Culture program discount AGS

15% off for Spanish and Culture program in our Quito Spanish school. This promotion is available with private and group clases.

Discover the bets of our capital city!

Great accommodation price

Great price for students apartment AGS

US $12 per day, $84 per week. Student’s Apartment - Shared dorm (maximum 3 people), furnished with cooking facilities.

Best valued accommodation!

Up to 60% off

Galapagos discounted tours AGS

Special students discounts and last minute opportunities with Galapagos cruises. If you are thinking to go don´t miss the opportunity, we ensure the best deal.

We will make your Galapagos dreams come true!

Special prices for our students in GAIA Amazon Lodge!

Special price Amazon tours

Three days, two nights package $160. (regular price US $240)  Excursions, activities, accommodation and full board included. More days packages are available too.

Don´t miss the opportunity to visit the Amazon Rainforest!

Why Choose us?

  • • Five branch locations to move, discover and enjoy! +

    AGS offers a grand and flexible opportunity to move between our branch schools. With five fantastic locations to choose between, each student can construct his/her own program of both study and travel within Ecuador. Students have complete flexibility to change schools while maintaining their study program.
  • • Free Tutoring and conversational Club 4 learning - Quito School +

    Our Quito school gives you even more chances to improve your Spanish and fluency. With the guidance of a teacher, every Tuesday and Thursday you can interact with other students. Tutoring and group activities form the basis of the “Club for Learning.” The club creates real life situations for learning and practicing Spanish, such as games and visits to different locations. 
  • • Extracurricular and weekend activities +

    During the week you can participate in a variety of activities organized by the school such as salsa lessons, cooking lessons, Club 4 learning - Quito, visits to different sights and so much more. In the weekends we will offer you a wide range of trips and tour options that you can do by yourself with our advice or also you can arrange it with a partner tour operator.  We are always happy to assist you in designing and arranging your travel in Ecuador. Our goal is that you meet and enjoy with other students our Latin Ecuadorian culture and our beautiful country! 
  • • Professional and friendly schools +

    For AGS, it is important to have experienced professors with good teaching skills who can teach in a friendly and personal manner. Our objective to make every student feel like a member of our school family. A safe and friendly environment will help in learning Spanish and planning your visit to Ecuador.
  • • Volunteer opportunities +

    We are committed to volunteer options that have a positive impact on both the Ecuadorian people and their environment.  These opportunities will enrich your values and widen your experiences as well as gaining useful language learned in the workplace! 
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