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Volunteer in Galapagos Islands

A beautiful hacienda in the Galapagos Islands is dedicated to the stabilization and conservation of the fragile island ecosystem.
The hacienda has been working since 2005 and volunteers are a vital part for the daily developing of the activities.

• Environment Project
• We seek: all volunteers are welcomed
• Spanish level required: Basic (level A2)
• Minimum time: two weeks
• Other Requirements: none
• Location: Lobería, Galapagos
• Responsibilities: As a volunteer, you can help in different activities such coffee harvesting, hippo-therapy, and removing dangerous invasive species.
• Working days: The hacienda is open all year long.

Project description
The project aims to contribute to the conservation of nature and promote awareness of biodiversity. The hacienda volunteers are instructed about which endemic species are and which ones are affecting the ecosystem harmony.
Also, at the hacienda you can learn how to do other activities as coffee harvesting, producing dairy, hippo-therapy, work with children and prepare communal meals for all the volunteers.

These are the activities:
•Coffee harvesting
•Producing Dairy
•Removing dangerous introduced species
•Take care of plants and vegetation

How can you help?
You can particpate in different types of work on this project. The priority is the eradication of introduced species that are affecting the ecosystem. There are other numerous other activities at the hacienda that may interest you as well. 

This project does not require a payment just your energy and desire to help. We suggest a one time voluntary contribution of US $50-100. 

Volunteer options

  • All
  • Amazonia
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Cuenca
  • Disabled
  • Elderly
  • Environmental
  • Galapagos
  • Health
  • Orphanage
  • Quito
  • Teach

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