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Having your own private Spanish teacher will help you to improve your Spanish skills and to perform better in several communication scenarios. It is all about setting up your own goals and pursuit them.

A placement test will help the teacher determine where to start and how to tailor the course, considering the student’s level of knowledge and his or her goals in terms of the four main skills of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Private lessons can be taken in 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 7 hours daily!

Learning Spanish in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest will surpass your imagination. This is a marvelous place full of adventure. Among the principal benefits you will enjoy the tranquility of the Amazon, friendly native people, natural atmosphere, rainforest challenges, and exploration to discover your surroundings. Every day in the Amazon, will leave you fascinated.

Amazon Private Spanish prices and details

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Participants will be able to choose a program with a minimum duration of one week, after that every student can ask for a certificate of participation in the program specifying the level that the student has reached during their program. Students can also ask for an evaluation exam to receive a certificate of the level they have achieved.

We welcome new students to join us every Monday, all year round. If you need to start on a different day of the week, please contact us.

Spanish lessons could be done in the morning or in the afternoon as well as in mix schedules, all depending of the school necessities and availability.

Our teachers combine theory and practice, addressing all of the linguistic and functional aspects of the spoken language, along with socio-cultural information essential for gaining proficiency. Grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary are integrated in order to prepare students for an authentic communicative environment.

All study materials are provided by the school. We recommend bringing your own dictionary, pen and any additional reference or text books ( optional) of your choice.

Our curriculum (and levels of study) were developed under the guidelines of both European and US systems of education, in accordance with the Instituto Cervantes and Common European Framework of Reference for Language and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Spanish Levels: • Basic / Básico / A1• Elementary / Elemental / A2• Intermediate / Intermedio / B1• Advanced / Avanzado / B2• Superior / Superior / C1• Proficiency / Perfeccionamiento / C2

Each lesson hour has duration of 50 minutes and they take place from Monday to Friday.

Amazon accommodation info

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  • Water Supply
  • Cleaning and Laundry
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  • Health information

All of our facilities were built from eco-friendly materials and sustainable building methods. Our rooms and cabanas were carefully designed to provide comfort for our students while preserving the ambiance of the environment. They are light and airy, and are naturally climatised with high ceilings and large windows.

Each of our cabanas has a veranda with hammocks. These provide a relaxing dwelling for enjoying the view of the river and forest by day, or the nocturnal songs of the Amazon by night.

All private and shared rooms include private bathrooms with hot water, secure screens for bug-free ventilation, electrical lighting and outlets.

All GAIA programs include three meals per day.We offer an array of delicious dishes—a cuisine that includes traditional Amazonian recipes and flavors as well as national and international favorites. All meals are made with fresh ingredients, largely sourced from local communities in our area. **Our kitchen staff can accommodate vegetarian preferences, as well as other dietary restrictions. Please let us know in advance.**During your stay at GAIA, you will always have access to complimentary purified drinking water, tea, and coffee. 

Sheets, blanket, pillow and a towel are provided for each student.

GAIA runs on its own water supply, which included pumps, cistern and carbon filters. Additionally we provide drinking water that is always available and complimentary for our students.

Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned by our staff three times per week. Towels and bed linens are replaced weekly.We offer use of laundry facilities for US $5

Students placed in a shared room can upgrade to a private room for US $75 per week, depending on availability. This fee can be shared by a couple or small group of friends who want to occupy a private room.

GAIA is located on the southern bank of the upper Napo River, 400 meters above sea level.

The average yearly temperature is 77°F (25°C). The area receives almost 200 inches of rain each year. The lowest rainfall occurs from November to January, and the highest occurs from April to July. June is typically the wettest month of the year.

Nighttime temperatures can be quite cool in comparison. In many areas, temperatures can fall to 50°F and can feel cooler due to the frequent rainfall.

GAIA Amazon Spanish and Kichwa school is located in the Ecuadorian Amazonia (the Amazon rainforest), one of the most ecologically unique areas in the world. The great biodiversity and rich culture here, provide a unique and fascinating setting for learning a foreign language.

Our center’s location was carefully chosen to ensure that our guests feel nestled within the natural environment of the rainforest. Our facilities have been designed to maintain the integrity of the natural ambiance, while providing comfort. GAIA overlooks the majestic Napo River, and is surrounded by a dense forest of cocoa trees . This privileged view of the forest, river and mountains gives our visitors ample opportunity to relish the nuances of the rainforest from dawn till dusk.

GAIA is located 3.5 kilometers east of the town of Ahuano, between the Napo River and the route to the village of Campanacocha. We can easily be reached from the village of Ahuano by canoe, bicycle, truck, or even foot. This strategic location provides access to various tourist attractions and volunteer projects, while retaining a ‘remote’ ambiance.

• Flashlight and batteries (necessary for each person)
• Camera and binoculars
• Water bottle
• Plastic bags to protect cameras and binoculars from rain
• Insect repellent
• Sun protection (cream / sunglasses / hat or cap)
• Toiletries (soap and shampoo)
• Lightweight pants and shirts / blouses with long sleeves for walks
• Shorts and shirts / blouses with short sleeves for the hotel and its surroundings
• Swimwear
• Rain coat or light rain jacket.
• Comfortable walking shoes and cotton socks.
• Slippers. In the lodge and rooms we only use socks, slippers or bare feet. Shoes are not allowed.
• We wear rubber boots for almost all excursions. We provide these from sizes 35 to 44.There are also shops in Ahuano that carry almost all sizes for approx. $12. However, if you wear an uncommon boot size, you may want to bring your own.

Although tropical diseases here are rare, it is always advisable to consult your physician about health precautions and vaccinations before traveling to a foreign country—preferably four to six weeks before departure. Please bring any medication you may need with you, as our first-aid kit is limited.

There is a medical clinic located in the Ahuano village, four kilometers from GAIA. This clinic provides basic medical care including dental, and emergency services. The closest hospital is located 34 km (45 minutes drive) from Ahuano, in the city of Tena.

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Why Choose us?

  • • Five branch locations to move, discover and enjoy! +

    AGS offers a grand and flexible opportunity to move between our branch schools. With five fantastic locations to choose between, each student can construct his/her own program of both study and travel within Ecuador. Students have complete flexibility to change schools while maintaining their study program.
  • • Free Tutoring and conversational Club 4 learning - Quito School +

    Our Quito school gives you even more chances to improve your Spanish and fluency. With the guidance of a teacher, every Tuesday and Thursday you can interact with other students. Tutoring and group activities form the basis of the “Club for Learning.” The club creates real life situations for learning and practicing Spanish, such as games and visits to different locations. 
  • • Extracurricular and weekend activities +

    During the week you can participate in a variety of activities organized by the school such as salsa lessons, cooking lessons, Club 4 learning - Quito, visits to different sights and so much more. In the weekends we will offer you a wide range of trips and tour options that you can do by yourself with our advice or also you can arrange it with a partner tour operator.  We are always happy to assist you in designing and arranging your travel in Ecuador. Our goal is that you meet and enjoy with other students our Latin Ecuadorian culture and our beautiful country! 
  • • Professional and friendly schools +

    For AGS, it is important to have experienced professors with good teaching skills who can teach in a friendly and personal manner. Our objective to make every student feel like a member of our school family. A safe and friendly environment will help in learning Spanish and planning your visit to Ecuador.
  • • Volunteer opportunities +

    We are committed to volunteer options that have a positive impact on both the Ecuadorian people and their environment.  These opportunities will enrich your values and widen your experiences as well as gaining useful language learned in the workplace! 
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