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We are an online language school that allows every student around the world to learn Spanish anywhere at their own pace with a professional and experienced native speaking tutor.

Our lessons are taught through Skype or any other software that allows having a video conference online with our students in real time.

AGS specializes in one-to-one language training for busy individuals who need language skills for work, travel and family needs as well as tailored courses for professionals in different fields like, medical, legal, business, among others.

Your Spanish knowledge does not matter; all students are welcome from beginners to advance.

It is easy, live, innovative, effective, flexible and competitive.
Come and enjoy our Spanish learning way!

About Learning Spanish online

  • How it works
  • Technical requirements
  • What I need to start
  • Why choose us

It is easy and flexible, from everywhere that you have internet access you can connect with your own live teacher through Skype, video conference software, at the time scheduled chosen by you, and start your Spanish lesson online.

This convenience, allows you to receive your lessons from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere you get a fast internet connection. With all the facilities and interaction in real time, that allow a live video conference, it will let you receive an innovative and effective Spanish lesson. Don´t waste time going to the school, let us bring your teacher to you!

Basically, every personal computer has included the necessary elements to start your lessons and often you only need to download the Skype software (free).

To be precise, these are the specifications required:

  • A standard computer
  • Headset or speakers
  • Microphone
  • Webcam (optional)
  • Good internet connection
  • SKYPE, video conference software (download free from the internet)

In the first introduce meeting (free of cost) you will set up all of your equipment and software if necessary.

You are just five steps away to enjoy our Spanish learning way!

1 - Install Skype Service (FREE)
It is the most used video conference software, easy to download and install in your computer as it is a user friendly. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with how Skype works, it also allows you test in advance your headset, microphone and webcam (optional). If it is properly working, you can provide us with your Skype user name. Click here to download Skype and get a user name.

2 - Register with Absolute Spanish online (FREE)
In the main menu of the web site you can find the link to “Register online” there we ask you to provide us with some information regarding to you course, hours of lessons, schedules and interest. After you send this form we are going to contact you to arrange the first introductory meeting with your teacher. Don’t hesitate to “Contact us” before if you have any other inquiry regarding our services.

3 - Schedule the first introduce meeting with your teacher (FREE)
In this introduce meeting (10-15 minutes) your teacher will talk a little bit about your personal interest and goals of the program as he/she will send to you a written evaluation test for the first scheduled lesson. At the same time this opportunity allows us test and synchronize the correct function of the equipment and software.

4 - Confirm the payments
Once all your class details are confirmed and after the introduce meeting with your teacher, you have to pay for your lessons. There are some payment possibilities, such as a single hour with a promotional package with reduced rates, are payable through “Pay Pal”

5 - Connect with your Online Spanish Tutor and enjoy you lessons
In the time scheduled confirmed, from the place you desire, you will start to enjoy your lessons with your private Spanish tutor.

  • Professionalism and experience
    our team of instructors have an average of 10 years teaching Spanish as a second language, all of them with professional degrees and a continuous training in educational fields. All that experience is mixed with a professional, punctual and respectful treatment to all our students.
  • Clear Spanish accent
    we teach the most international Spanish, with no accent, easy to understand. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers mainly from Quito-Ecuador, international location well known for its Spanish clarity spoken and its international reputation regarding of Spanish language education.
  • Guarantee
    you can cancel you program and we will refund you the money if the program is not the right one for you, there are no penalties (review our policies) or replace your trainer in the unlikely event that their style does not suit you.
  • Competitive prices
    Affordable price per hour and competitive prices for our packages and promotions. Our prices go from $12 to $14 per hour. Feel confident that you are getting the best valued services with us!
  • Flexibility
    Flexible timetable to suit your schedule,you design your own schedule and periodicity. Lessons can be taught starting from one hour minimum until 4 hours per day, one or every day of the week on a daily schedule convenient for you. Also we accept to reschedule or cancel your lessons with only 1 working day notice in advance at no charge
  • Fast feedback and customized service to arrange your lessons
    Since the first contact with us, it will be a pleasure to answer any concern you have. We will arrange your schedule and your first meeting lesson with your teacher. Any additional support regarding your schedules during the course will be quickly replied by our staff.
  • Customized programs
    After an evaluation test our programs are customized, each one according to our student’s needs and interest as well as the students’ rhythm of learning (learning style).
  • Certificate of Studies
    Any time you require, we can extend you a certification of your studies or upon an evaluation test which can provide a certificate indicating your Spanish level according international level agreements for the United States as well as for all the European community.

Spanish Online program prices & details

  • Prices
  • Open Schedules
  • Program policies
  • Curriculum and duration of studies

Absolute Spanish Online time zone is + 5 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Our programs are mainly scheduled between 6:00 – 22:00 of this time zone (not exclusively), basically because our teachers and partner school works in Quito - Ecuador – South America.

To make it easy allocating your equivalent open schedule you can visit the “time zone converter” web page, there you must choose first your “Country – City” and second “Ecuador – Quito”.
Also you can visit the “Atomic Clock” web page, where you can visually check the current time in your and our side.

  • Academic hour length
    Each academic hour of lesson has 55 minutes. Lessons of two hour or more can have a break time of 10 minutes, non deductible from class time.
  • Cancellations and reschedules
    This must be done with at least 1 working day in advance or 24 hours. It’s not possible to make any cancellation during the weekend. The working days and times are taken according to our time zone: + 5 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Payments
    All lessons have to be prepaid before to start.
  • Change of teacher
    We know there is the possibility that your teacher’s style doesn’t suit your needs properly, if that is the case you can always ask for a change of instructor.
  • Technical Issues
    Absolute Spanish Online cannot be responsible for minor breaks in communication arising from technical issues outside of our control. In the event of a fault with our system your teacher will arrange for you to be credited with extra time if necessary. Issues preventing a successful lesson will result in the student receiving an additional lesson(s) to make up for the disrupted lesson.
  • Privacy
    All you personal information is considered private and we don’t share it in any moment.

Regardless of the academic curriculum that you prefer, either the American or European, Spanish learning follows the same learning order in subjects and grammar structures.
Our objective, thanks to our methodology of private tutorials, allows us to adapt to your own personal requirements no matter what your knowledge level is.

In general our Spanish curriculum is divided into 6 main levels, according to which our students will receive a proficiency certificate on Spanish language knowledge.

The duration of the program depends on the rhythm of studies of each student as well as the dedication and will that each student has to learn Spanish.
The times proposed here are just for reference based on the normal average and might change according to each person. 

AGS Promotions

  • Quito + Amazon School
  • Culture program
  • Student´s apartment
  • Galapagos tours
  • Amazon tours

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Why Choose us?

  • • Five branch locations to move, discover and enjoy! +

    AGS offers a grand and flexible opportunity to move between our branch schools. With five fantastic locations to choose between, each student can construct his/her own program of both study and travel within Ecuador. Students have complete flexibility to change schools while maintaining their study program.
  • • Free Tutoring and conversational Club 4 learning - Quito School +

    Our Quito school gives you even more chances to improve your Spanish and fluency. With the guidance of a teacher, every Tuesday and Thursday you can interact with other students. Tutoring and group activities form the basis of the “Club for Learning.” The club creates real life situations for learning and practicing Spanish, such as games and visits to different locations. 
  • • Extracurricular and weekend activities +

    During the week you can participate in a variety of activities organized by the school such as salsa lessons, cooking lessons, Club 4 learning - Quito, visits to different sights and so much more. In the weekends we will offer you a wide range of trips and tour options that you can do by yourself with our advice or also you can arrange it with a partner tour operator.  We are always happy to assist you in designing and arranging your travel in Ecuador. Our goal is that you meet and enjoy with other students our Latin Ecuadorian culture and our beautiful country! 
  • • Professional and friendly schools +

    For AGS, it is important to have experienced professors with good teaching skills who can teach in a friendly and personal manner. Our objective to make every student feel like a member of our school family. A safe and friendly environment will help in learning Spanish and planning your visit to Ecuador.
  • • Volunteer opportunities +

    We are committed to volunteer options that have a positive impact on both the Ecuadorian people and their environment.  These opportunities will enrich your values and widen your experiences as well as gaining useful language learned in the workplace! 
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